Pumpkin Beads

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Additional Information
Designer Jennifer
Color Orange, Green, Yellow
Jewelry Type Other
Material Glass, Wood, Metal
Occasion Halloween,Thanksgiving
Skill Level Expert


How To:

1. Depending on the size of the bead, cut a length of monofilment cord from 24”-36”.

2. Thread the cord through a wood bead, leaving a 1” tail. Then bring the cord back down through the bead.

3. Bring the cord through the loop at the side of the bead from back to front. Cross the cord over itself and through the loop just created. Pull the cord snug against the bead and tighten. This creates a knot. Use a dot of glue to secure the knot. Trim the tail end.

4. Bring the long end of the cord (coming down out of the bead) up against the wood bead. Add seed beads to the cord until you reach the hole. Bring the cord down through the hole and keep it snug.

Repeat this step until the wood bead is covered in stripes of seed beads.

*The inspiration samples shown use a variety of seed bead colors. Try Incorporating golds, clear, yellows and greens to mimic the colors of a gourd.

5. After the wood bead is covered in seed bead stripes, continue wrapping the cord around the wood bead a few more times to keep the cord secure. Then tie the cord into a knot at the bottom of the wood bead. Trim the excess cord. Use a dot of glue to secure the knot.

6. Make a wire coil using the round pliers and a 1-2” wire.

7. Thread a head pin with an e-bead. Bring the head pin up through the wood bead. Thread the wire coil onto the head pin and thread on (2) e-beads. Form a wrapped loop.

*Use e-beads or seed beads to create the stem of the pumpkin bead.



Pumpkin Beads
Designed By: Jennifer

Item #: PROJ6984

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This Prima Bead project pattern is perfect for Halloween.

Materials Required:

Pumpkin Beads

10g Czech 11-0 Seed Bead - Emerald
SKU: 2519809

Pumpkin Beads

10g Czech 11-0 Seed Bead - Light Gold
SKU: 2519872

Pumpkin Beads

180pc Head Pin Silver
SKU: 34719031

Pumpkin Beads

360' #8 Monofilament- Clear
SKU: 32024

Pumpkin Beads

40' 24 Gauge Wire- Silver
SKU: 3201802

Pumpkin Beads

40g Yellow 11-0 Seed Beads
SKU: 34733040

Pumpkin Beads

90G Orange Seed Bead Mix
SKU: 34720007

Pumpkin Beads

90G-3.18Oz Bright Green Seed Bead Mix
SKU: 34720010

Pumpkin Beads

3.7oz/105g Wood Mix
SKU: 34733002


Tools Required:

Pumpkin Beads

3 in 1 Tool- Flat Nose Pliers, Round Nose, and Cutter
SKU: 4453

Pumpkin Beads

3.7oz E6000 Craft Glue
SKU: 22279002

Pumpkin Beads

Parrot Beak Memory Wire Cutter
SKU: 4477


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