Gold Forest Earrings - Indicolite Beads Sold Out

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Gold Forest Earrings - Indicolite Beads Sold Out




Techniques to Know:
Skill Level: Easy - No Experience Necessary
Approximate Crafting Time: 20 Minutes
1. Cut the head off of a head pin and form a loop to make an eye pin.
2. Make a champagne bicone link with a wrapped loop. Attach the loop of the link to an earring wire.
3. Make an indicolite drop with a wrapped loop.
4. Cut a 6” length of beading wire.
5. Start beading the center groups for each strand. See how to place bead groups on the beading wire by following the diagram. Starting from the center point (the indicolite drop) and work your way out evenly on the sides.
6. Crimp a crimp bead onto each side of the bead group.
7. Use a crimp to attach the ends of the wires to the bottom of each crystal link. Keep in mind to pull the tails through until the amount of wire left is even on both sides and visible is similar to that in the photo (¾”).


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It is GIVEAWAY MONDAY and the interchangeable beads in this assortment offer up to 3 looks in 1!