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Crystazzi Crystals

Stretch your crafting dollar with genuine crystazzi crystal beads in abundance! Our comprehensive line of crystazzi crystals bring you a variety of 52 colors in various shapes and sizes to satisfy all of your needs. Jewelry made of crystals will immediately dress-up any outfit. The precision cuts and brilliant finishes make crystazzi crystal beads perfect for any jewelry item or d├ęcor. Each crystazzi bead is the finest hand-polished lead crystal you will find. There is no need to skimp on your jewelry.

Crystazzi Crystals are the perfect way to get the sparkle you want for the price you want! If you are looking for a standout focal point, then the Crystazzi Pendants would be right for you. Crystazzi Crystals are genuine lead crystals. Similar to Swarovski Crystals, which are also lead crystal, the lead is part of the molecular structure of the bead. There is no danger of the lead coming to the surface. Safety is very important to us, so we test all of our items extensively.






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