Coral and Turquoise Treasure Necklace- Items Sold out

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Coral and Turquoise Treasure Necklace- Items Sold out


Tools Needed:

1 Flush Cutter     $4.00    
1 Round Nose Pliers- Precision Comfort     $6.00


Techniques to know:

               Opening Jump Rings

               Form a Loop



  1. Made the beaded links and connect the links and the diamond charms.  Using 6mm jump rings, attach the toggle clasp ends.
  2. Connect (3) 4mm jumps rings together.  The jump rings will be at the back of the pendant.  See the illustration back view.
  3. Cut (2) 7" lengths of beading wire.
  4. Thread a length of beading wire through one end of the jump ring chain.  Thread on a crimp tube and crimp. Thread on the bead pattern, be sure to split off after the first metal bead.  Attach the beading wire to the designated loop using a crimp tube.  Repeat for the other side.  See the illustration details.



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